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Arturo Alvarez Bety Pendant Light

Fetishism, sophistication, recreated femininity, an unfinished shape, freedom. An object with history and memory, which contributes to a new narrative. Bety floor lamp is offered in 2 colors: black and white. Polypropylene strip is a material that permits infinite possibilities for design as its highly flexible. It is used mainly in strips, woven among them, recalling the antique techniques of traditional basket making. Its lightness is another of its virtues, and large volume lamps, with a lot of presence but very light looking, can be made with it. The designs in polypropylene are commercialized in white and black, colors that provide a touch of elegance to the lamps with more body and appearance of Arturo Alvarez. Resistance and easy maintenance are other values that make it an ideal material to work with. Features Bety collection Handmade in Spain Designed by Arturo Alvarez Type: pendant lamp Suitable for indoor use, at 25C Available in 2 colors: white or black Choose between 2 sizes: small or large Offered in 2 cord colors: black or transparent


Created by Arturo Alvarez · Sold by 2Modern (US)

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