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Arturo Alvarez Coral Galaxea Pendant Light

An organic look for a collection of wraparound an warm luminaires that refer us to the origins of life, the sea. Shapes that remind us of the beauty and richness of coral reefs. In April 2014, Arturo Alvarez patented SIMETECH, a handmade material, composed by a stainless steel mesh with a silicone covering application. The diverse possibilities this stainless steel mesh allows with its silicone covering converts SIMETECH in a highly malleable and moldable material, suitable for creating large volumes, with different textures and light capacity, adapting itself to the design and identity of every lamp. This material creates zones of chiaroscuro providing a warm and hypnotic light that floods the room causing nice and welcoming atmospheres, full of personality. Features Coral collection Handmade in Spain Designed by Arturo Alvarez Type: pendant lamp Suitable for indoor use, at 25C Award: Interior design Best of year 2014 Available in 5 colors: white, beige, orange, yellow, grey Choose between 2 models: E26 or LED Offered in 2 cord colors: transparent or black


Created by Arturo Alvarez · Sold by 2Modern (US)

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